• Carly Mariani

Carly Mariani

Carly Mariani has earned a reputation for being punctual, organized, and especially able to get things done. Although she has also achieved her share of athletic success, Carly’s professional accomplishments, academic studies, and flare for the cosmopolitan have allowed her to accrue a valuable set of skills, talents, and abilities which are essential for the modern real estate agent. Originally from Laguna Beach, California, Carly was the captain of her volleyball team while working through her Degree in Advertising and Business at Southern Methodist University– she was also a distinguished scholar-athlete through each year of college. Carly Mariani is also the marketing mastermind behind the Mariani Real Estate team.

Carly has developed an impressive wealth of knowledge regarding modern marketing and advertising- often implementing SEO techniques to enhance the success of each project she works on. Today, the world of real estate requires an in-depth knowledge of digital marketing, and very few real estate agents possess these skills- in fact, most realtors have to consult with outside agencies for these services. Carly’s ability to apply such expertise to her work is one of Mariani Real Estate’s most distinctive and advantageous features, allowing her team to separate from the pack with ease.

Plus, her relationship with Marc saw the couple move 5 times in 4 years– so she can relate to the ups and downs of moving and motivate her clients to power through! Carly is passionate about sharing her perspective with the prospective buyers and sellers in the Nashville community.

Carly has lived in Nashville on and off for the last 6 years, and she is thrilled to- finally- call the city her “home.” Carly attends Crosspoint Church, loves to show visitors the city’s finest sights and sounds, and has become quite well-acquainted with the city’s restaurant scene.

Contact Carly for thoughtful, educated, and thoroughly modern guidance as you take the next steps in your real estate journey!

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